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Posted in Rails 6: A web app and an API server.

Can a Rails 6 app be built to both be a performant app with views and serve out data via an api? I've been looking for a tutorial, post, google term on this and have had no luck. Pointers and advise much appreciated.

Posted in How to install TailwindCSS 1.0 with Rails 6 Discussion

Anyone know if this is correct? Chris just went with pasting the requires above the require('postcss-import') which seems to make sense.

looks good, But for "Pro" version, $900/yr ??? Are there other, less expensive, ways of doing GraphQL in Ruby that people here recommend?
I'm building a new app: rails 5 for the backend, react.js (actually Gatsby) for the frontend. Is it possible/desirable to do it all using GraphQL and skip REST endpoints entirely?  

Posted in Looking for Rails work? / Hiring Rails developers?

Posted in Looking for Rails work? / Hiring Rails developers?

SEEKING WORK. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Remote work.

I'm an experienced Rails developer with 4 multi-year contracts/jobs and half-dozen remote contracts that I've done. Full stack, but have used react.js for mobile front end views. Extremely good at client communications.



Excellent episode Chris! 2 off-episode questions: why does your version of Chrome have a "People" menu and any chance you'll post this to github?

Posted in jQuery UJS Callbacks Discussion

I also disagree - and put my money where my opinion is and subscribed. Two suggestions - move the mic away from your keyboard - it sounds like you are pounding on it and it's distracting. Other is github repos with the code from each episode. does not have to be a full working app, but it would help.

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