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Oh, yes please!

Awesome, thanks! Really hoping to see a lot more IoT experiments :)

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Awesome Chris! Thank you so much for adding the tests.

A possible suggestion: How to start testing (from scratch) an existing app that doesn't have any tests (or test facility) set up yet.

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@chris, it looks like you have some bots getting into your comment section. Maybe add a video how you would try to stop this?

I've had the same stuff on my bigger websites. Even after the captcha and invisible honeypots didn't help, I created a validate action that checks for forbidden keywords in the posted comment and try to block them off this way...

After that some bots still got in. What I did then was check if a user was logged in during the post of the comment. If not, the comment would have to be approved by a moderator. Until now (about 6 months) no spam got to any of my customers, and I refused about 20 comments.

Love it, and interested in what's coming! Thanks Chris!

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Some videos about the basics of tests would be awesome...

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Good video, great help!
Yeah, new subjects when your app has already been created is a great idea!

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Awesome episode! Building something like this in an existing project as we speak (or as I type) :)

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A great (free) service to tunnel your localhost is ngrok :
- download
- unzip
- put in `/usr/local/bin`
- start via `ngrok http 3000` (after you started `rails s`)
- Check output to see where website is available