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Want to learn JS Please help.

Van Roach asked in Javascript

Hello everyone

After learning the basics of the languages I listed above, I decided to try and expand my knowledge of web development. When I started doing my research I was just overwhelmed by the vast amount of.. Stuff.

Angular? Rust? SQL? PHP? Node? React? Bash? Ruby? What the fuck?

What are any of these? Where do I start? Why are there so many? What else am I missing? How can I possibly learn all of this? Seriously... what??

Depends on your goal, you probably don't have to learn most of them. could be a good guide on what roadmap you'd want to follow.

Are you trying to become a web developer, game developer or trying to build your own product?

Angular and React are JavaScript framework which could be useful in building complex frontend application.
PHP, Node, Ruby are some popular backend language used on the server side.
SQL is one of the tool you'd want to use to interact with relational databases.

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