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Chris, great job and fantastic tutorials. Do you have any suggestions for connecting Rails 7 apps to Snowflake. It seems the only viable option right now that I have found is ODBC connection using Sequel gem, without ability to harness the power of Active Record. ODBC is incredibly slow and I am hoping you might know a better way. I have not found any suitable gems for this yet.

I am currently using ODBC connection with 'ruby-odbc' and 'Sequel' gem but I am finding it incredibly slow. Thirty-Five seconds to load 12 records while it was instantaneous with the now retired MS-SQL back-end. I am not able to execute queries via Active Record I have to first do " db = Sequel.odbc['DSN-NAME]" followed by db.fetch("My SQL Statement") and so on. Any help greatly appreciated as I have been struggling with this for days.