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so do you prefer Puma over Phusion Passenger?

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Hi Chris,

I'd like your post about action cable, and I wonder if you can do a similar one for AnyCable? thank you.

Just different point of view. Less options hidding on your html, less opportunies for unaunthorize users to do harm on your site, while adding an authorization option on your back-end tight your security even more your site. On the other side, givin less opportunities to an unthorize user to see a form or edit button less calls to the server and ugly response to the user. like I said just my two cents.

Hi Chris,
This is the first video on your site, so I don't know if you post another updated video for this topic. Still, for everyone here I'd say, please take in consideration that must implement an authorization of some sorts (e.g. Gem Pundit, CanCanCan) your back-end, because CSS can be easy overwritten, and the user can delete the hidden class, and they will have access to whatever you're trying to hide. If you still want to use JS, instead of hiding the HTML tag, once the user requests a page, we can check for the metatag and maybe remove the HTML tag instead of hiding it. That's my two cents.