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Very nice. This is one of those features that are low profile but could be very useful in those specific cases.

Thanks for sharing the link, Shavin. I guess it's good to know both options. Using the template file can be left for larger streams so that the controller doesn't look to polluted.

Hello Nadia, I experienced a similar issue and the workaround I used was to scroll to the top of the page after the form submission :(

In my case, I did it with a Stimulus controller but it can be achieved with jQuery or vanilla JS.

Great video, Chris. Just yesterday I was doing something to display flashes in a Turbo response and had to use Stimulus to handle some final touches.

As Alex Takitani said, having a create.turbo_stream.erb feels like old create.js.erb which I never liked. Feels very ugly (to me) but I can see it's utility in a big page with lots of Turbo Streams.

So far, I'd prefer to render the turbo_stream in the controller action. Either way this video is very useful to understand this part of using Hotwire.

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Awesome. Looks incredible awesome.

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