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Posted in Updating Rails Applications across Rails versions?

The migration to strong_params is definitely a big part. It's not complicated but it's quite tedious. A few years ago we wrote and published a gem that should take you 90% of the way there:

In case anyone finds this interesting, here is the process we usually follow at my company:

Here is the TL;DR version:

  • Find all deprecation warnings
  • Fix all deprecation warnings
  • Set up dual booting (this can help:
  • Get bundle install to work
  • Get your test suite to work
  • Get the application to work in production environment
  • Smoke test thoroughly
  • Deploy
  • Monitor exceptions in your favorite error tracker

I know this was asked ages ago, but I figured this might be useful if anybody finds this question in their searches. :)

Posted in Having some Issues regarding Rails 5.2 upgrade

I found an issue like this today and it turned out that I had misspelled something in my configuration. I wrote action_storage when it should have been active_storage 😊

I know it has been a while, but in case it helps anyone else...