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I have been watching about the How to buil apis with rails series as a reference on how to create an API. Though I'm wondering on how can I build another authentication on top of it but it's going to use access_key and secret_key which will make me enable to create another app that can use the my API.

Thanks Chris, it seems SMS is the only option for me since I want my user to be notified even if they're off the page. Luckliy for me you have one screencast featuring Twilio SMS.

I have been looking on how I'm going to add a feature of Web Push Notification on our School Project currently and found some services like Twilio, Pushbots and OneSignal. Though even trying those 3 I noticed a long delay or sometimes I don't even receive the notifications.

Is their a better way to send a notification to a user in more near realtime even if the site is not opened? I saw there's a Screencast on Real Time Notification but as far as I'm aware if I close the site then the user won't be able to receive the notification. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that part. Thanks