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How To Build APIs with Rails Tutorial Series

Learn how to build APIs with Ruby on Rails for frontend Javascript frameworks, mobile apps, and for public consumption.

Our First API
#162 ·

We build a basic API and talk about the differences between a regular Rails controller and an API

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) vs Rails Session Cookies
#163 · Pro

Explore the differences and similarities between Json Web Tokens and Rails session cookies and why you'd want to use one over the other

API Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and Knock
#165 · Pro

Authenticate your API using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) using the Knock gem

JSON Web Token Authentication From Scratch
#166 · Pro

Add JWT Authentication to your Rails API from scratch

JSON Web Tokens with Devise & Warden
#167 · Pro

Add a Warden strategy to Devise to support JWT authentication with your Rails app

JSON:API Format and Active Model Serializers
#168 ·

Learn how to format your API easily using Active Model Serializers and the JSON:API spec

VueJS JWT Auth with Rails APIs and LocalStorage
#169 · Pro

Build a basic VueJS frontend application that authenticates to the server using JWT, Rails API, and LocalStorage