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Hello Chris. Isn't it a bad idea to store session tokens in localStorage, security-wise? They become vulnerable to XSS. Probably a secure cookie with httpOnly it's better.

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Wouldn't it be savvy to add it to the tutorial then? :P

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Taylor, for Rails an even better solution probably is to do that inside database.yml.
I had even to specify user and password for all the environments to do successfully the rake db:create.

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I don't know if it's expected or normal, but to get PostgreSQL installed on Windows to communicate within WSL I had to sudo apt-get install postgresql-client-common postgresql-client libpq-dev
Chris what do you think?

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Chris you should add explicitly which version of Windows 10 (1511, 1607, 1703, ecc) this guide curretly refers to.
Anyway, news: Ubuntu finally on the Windows Store:

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Chris it would be interesting to update the tutorial for Windows 10 Creators Update considering the many new updates and improvements the Windows Subsystem for Linux has received! ;) https://blogs.msdn.microsof...

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FYI installed Rails 4.2.8 with ruby 2.4.1 and Postgres 9.6 on Zesty Zapus beta2 without any problem following the guide and updating just some packages. ;) Thanks Chris!

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