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Posted in Create a User Profile after saving a Devise User

how would you create an edit page with a form to edit the user profile

it's really hard getting respond here 

Hi @Chris i have this error and i don't know why . i have a project model instead of a post model
When i visit the root_path i have this error
undefined method `projects' for nil:NilClass

project controller
  def index
    @projects = @account.projects.all 
.....  def set_project
      @project = @account.projects.find(params[:id])
help neeed

Posted in Stripe Elements Javascript Discussion

 hi Chris ,i followed the tutorial but only the stripe_id and customer_id are saved in the user database , the card infos are all nil i help need.  i am using stripe element
UPDATE "users" SET "stripe_id" = ?, "stripe_subscription_id" = ?, "updated_at" = ? WHERE "users"."id" = ?  [["stripe_id", "cus_Cx4IDGQ7HlS7DY"], ["stripe_subscription_id", "sub_Cx4IrtnieqN82q"], ["updated_at", "2018-05-29 15:54:32.368665"], ["id", 1]]
as you can see not card info is saved

put the logs show the card info in the params
Started POST "/subscription" for at 2018-05-29 16:54:25 +0100
Processing by SubscriptionsController#create as HTML
Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"aZgXCURZ/mVziIEGuRAdJ+oI9RrX44IY4rYwhH2t4AieyfNk/fg==", "stripeToken"=>"tok_1yxdg........wxcu", "user"=>{"card_brand"=>"Visa", "card_exp_month"=>"4", "card_exp_year"=>"2024", "card_last4"=>"4242"}}
 help needed

def create
customer = if current_user.stripe_id?
customer = Stripe::Customer.create(
source: params[:stripeToken],
plan: 1,)
card_last4: params[:card_last4],
card_exp_month: params[:card_exp_month],
card_type: params[:card_brand],
card_exp_year: params[:card_exp_year]
  redirect_to root_path

Posted in File Uploads with Refile Discussion

please can you make a deployment to heroku with aws video with refile gem

Posted in File Uploads with Refile Discussion

please can you make a deployment to heroku with aws video with refile gem

Posted in Admin Interfaces with Administrate - GoRails

How to add a new model to administrate dashboard ?

Posted in Admin Interfaces with Administrate - GoRails

it seems this gem has been updated. because following this tut, nothing works. the route file is
Rails.application.routes.draw do
namespace :admin do
resources :users
resources :articles

root to: "users#index"
i see no dashboard manifest files. Somethings have change. localhost:3000/admin results to errors

Posted in User Authentication with Devise | GoRails

am trying to set up a simple blog with devise.How can i restrict users from editing the profiles of other users. so mush so that if the try something users/edit.3, there will be redirected to somewhere with flash message. Thanks

Posted in Sending Emails with SMTP and Sendgrid Discussion

can we use mailer to send message like in a web contact form without saving the message into the database?

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