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Hello Chris, I'm waching this video and the one for devise, is there a way to combine a model authentication form with hotwire, I had success when I login, I haven't beeing able to handle the errors in a modal way b/c of warden.authenticate!(auth_options), do you know if this is possible to make?
*** Just 'fix' it, I use a remote form for the login modal and a stimulus controller for the ajax responses

I really want a comparison with Stimulus Reflex, I don't know what technology to study.

  • Are they use to solve the same problems ?
  • If not, Can they be used together ?
  • What are the principal differences? Also I notice that Hotwire have some issues with validations, can you go deep in this topic, form validations, error messages, redirect page when error, error without redirects, etc.
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