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Posted in Docker rails assets:precompile

Hey Islam,

Looks like rails can't find the install directory. After [6/8] COPY . ., insert a bash shell and poke around to verify that the directories you copied actually exist. Also, can you post the Dockerfile and docker-compose file?

You can also visit localhost:3000/rails/info/routes if you want to view the route list in the browser.

Posted in Weighing scale connection

Hi Patrick,

That is a serial port so you'll first need to use a gem that allows you to interact with serial ports like ruby-serialport. Then if you can use Rails as a way of displaying that information.

Posted in Weighing scale connection

Hey Patrick,

That all depends on what connection options the weighing scale provides e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. You'll need to figure that out first before trying to connect anything to Rails.

What scale are you trying to use?

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