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Where is the git repo for this?

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How to use turbo frames for more complex pages that has menu and sidebars that themself are at least somewhat dynamic (say user name, sidebar options that change depending of what page you are at etc). Also how to use/load stimulus controllers that loads external libraries effective, for instance a bootstrap is needed on every page but do you want to load it in the body tag?

Does asdf support ruby > 3.2.0 on Mac Ventura 13.1?

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Time for an updated version? for rails new template -j esbuild -css bootstrap projects. Maybe use a more complex template and go a bit further. (you almost sounded bored in the old one.)

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Haven't tried the others. Found the helpers useful.

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Its all here (ruby 2.4.2, rails 5.1.4) would be a great tutorial. Lets go! how about also using webpacker-react gem which is really nice.