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Posted in has_many :through association woes

I was assuming you were using nested forms.

What happens if you try building the association via the rails console?

Posted in has_many :through association woes

what does it say in your logs? can you create everything via thr console? not seeing accepts_nested_attributes_for. Also make sure all your attributes are being allowed in strong parameters properly

Posted in How do i print out validation error?

do you have your accepts_nested_attributes_for set on the model as well? The 0 is the row in the hash.

Posted in What do you listen to while coding?

I can't listen to podcasts either. I don't pay attention enough to know what's going on.

Posted in What do you listen to while coding?

I honestly love the Facebook Soundtrack. I think it helps me channel my inner Zuckerberg. For me it often really depends on the mood I am in. I mostly have the TV on in the background.

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