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Posted in CSV Upload Form to Import Records Discussion

in a pry session, i was curious to try this out. Ive imported a CSV with headers: true and header_converters: :symbol. when i convert the first item to a hash and attempt use slice i get a

NoMethodError: undefined method `slice' for #<hash:0x007fba2f6a6300>

ive used both .to_h and .to_hash on the row item

any thoughts?

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Discussion

Chris, Thanks so much for this tutorial. I followed along and was able to get this all working on a VirtualBox setup. However a problem i encountered was a bundler error. i had to SSH into the server and use 'which bundler' and add that path into the :default_env in deploy.rb
set :default_env, { path: "/home/deploy/.rbenv/shims:~/.rbenv/bin:$PATH" }

My question after this...Is there an easy way to run custom rake tasks, once deployed?


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