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Posted in Send an Email On a Date Specified in a Database Column

Hi Liz,

Scheduling can be kind of difficult to get a handle on.

Are you running the daemon on your development environment? (The script that manages/runs delayed_jobs in the background.) This will essentially create a worker process to queue up your jobs and process them, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't worked directly with delayed_job, but it's similar to Resque and Sidekiq.

You should also be able to queue a job for a few seconds in the future from the command line for testing purposes. :)


It seems that you're calling for a local variable to be passed in _favorite.html.erb, however your call in users/show.html.erb is simply trying to render what it knows, regardless of locals being passed.

I think you need something like this:

<%= render partial: "favorites/favorite", locals: { post: @post } %>