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Hey Chris.

I have been trying to look online but haven't been successful in finding out the following. Say you made a CRM application in Rails and setup a pop3/imap email in the app. How would you take that email and associate it with a contact? If anyone has worked with Gmail Api - how do companies sync emails to contacts/companies with their apps?

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Robert - what was the solution? If you could paste it, it would def. help others here...


Sometimes the way .on page:load and on ready work are a little different with Turbolinks. Best way to deal with it as following:

var ready = function () {
// your code goes here

$(document).on('page:load', ready);

Trying using that and see if it works.

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Use You can put all your code nicely in there and its easier to read plus others can edit (revisions) so you can see how it changed.

For db stuff with categories I find using tags easier sometimes. When the user can have multiple treatments you can add on multiple tags ( ). That way when you are viewing the user you would see all the tags (treatments) the user has or wants to get.

Another approach can be you have a treatments table. In that table you can have a list of all your treatments that the user can select via check boxes.

Also, this is a good read: I know when I started I just winged stuff until I started reading all the docs and guides to see how things work (I still don't know squat but I can still make an app based on docs, guides, stackoverflow, gorails, etc)

I'm sure Chris can chime in and probably give a better answer!

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