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Posted in User_signed_in? doesnt work

It would certainly help if you'd provide some of the actual code. The error you're having is that the method user_signed_in? does not exist.

Here are some points I'd suggest you check:

  • what is the Devise resource? is it setup correctly? did you run the generators
  • check routes.rb for something like devise_for :users - if it's not there then the Devise setup is missing
  • try running bundle install and restarting your server (if you haven't already)
  • check that you call before_action :authenticate_user! (typically from your ApplicationController

Posted in Deploying Sidekiq To Heroku Discussion

In the video you switched capitalization for the config option - for puma it should be `-C` while sidekiq expects `-c`.

Posted in Metaprogramming Virtual Attributes Discussion

Nice intro into metaprogramming and how concerns can be used.
I'm one of the fresh subscribers and have noticed one thing: no need to quit rails console to clear the console output. To save couple of seconds you can just press cmd + K in terminal (also from rails console) and you're good to continue.