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Hi Ben, did you find an answer to this question? I have the same situation.
I am going to follow this:

Hi, I am interested in doing this also. Di you have any success? I tried deliver_by :action_cable, stream: Turbo::StreamsChannel.signed_stream_name([,]) in the notification and <%= turbo_stream_from [,], channel: Noticed::NotificationChannel %> in the view without success.

I tried to combine this with the direct S3 uploads and keep the URL's private. It's working well for me so far so here are the changes i made in a gist
I am a relative novice in Javascript so if anyone has corrections or improvements I would love to know :)

Hi Chris, I am trying to get the Direct uploads to S3 to work with trix. Can you offer some pointers/resources that may help me?

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