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Andrew Scott


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Pretty much says it all in the email. Legacy code, JS is a nightmare and in urgent need of an upgrade. Rates are flexible. Email me if interested: or im askl56 on GR Slack

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Bumping this in case anyone else is interested.

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Hey guys,

I got a bunch of projects coming through the pipes in the next 6 months, and will need part time Rails help, with a focus on ecommerce. Can anyone who is interested send me through a brief example of what they've worked on, github username and desired hourly rate? Experience with conversion and other e-commerce disciplines is a definite help! Email is

Cheers, and keep learning!


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Don't have a portfolio persé since 95% of my work has been under a pretty tight NDA, but have and I can provide snippets on request :)

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London, seeking side projects (have around 40 hours a week free). Intermediate dev 2 years in Ruby/Rails, specialist in Spree, but also do JS/Elixir and front end work. Rapidly improving at DevOps. Email is



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