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The erros is in local hard drive. Please could you review my code at /schedule_tweets

I am new at rails and just complete Chris tutorial in => schedule_tweets. But I could not send any tweet , I did the UTC modification for america/brasilia, when I make a schedule tweet this error is showed in my screen. I am lost. How could I try to fix it ?
after_save_commit do
if publish_at_previously_changed?
TweetJob.set(wait_until: @tweet.publish_at).perform_later(self)

Rails.root: /home/adalberto/Documents/railsForBeginners/scheduled_tweets
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace
app/models/tweet.rb:16:in block in <class:Tweet>'


"tweet"=>{"twitter_account_id"=>"3", "body"=>"hello", "publish_at(1i)"=>"2021", "publish_at(2i)"=>"2", "publish_at(3i)"=>"18", "publish_at(4i)"=>"20", "publish_at(5i)"=>"21"},

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Thanks Cris I think I have something wrong cause the schedule tweets is not sending tweet at all. I have change the UTC to America/Brasilia. Could give me some advice in my

after_save_commit do
if publish_at_previously_changed?
TweetJob.set(wait_until: @tweet.publish_at).perform_later(self)

Rails.root: /home/adalberto/Documents/railsForBeginners/scheduled_tweets

Hi anyone to help me with this error?

Hello fellow friends. In my case I did all wrong but in the end I finished.
Here are the stackoverflow =>
When I was doing the creation and migration command at rails I bumped with this mistake , so locally I managed to create a super user to my postgresql , I do no know it is ok , but solved the problem.

sudo -u postgres createuser --superuser YOURUSERNAME_HERE

Thanks for the time Cris , great content.

For linux I installed only redis , and start the redis manually, then rails s and then sidekiq

Many thanks , I am going to configure my UTC time.

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Hi Cris, my problem is: If I want to disconect it is giving me an error.

ActiveRecord::InvalidForeignKey in TwitterAccountsController#destroy
SQLite3::ConstraintException: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed

I think it is for the update tweet_id: tweet_id

I think for sending information it is true, maybe we need to put this button to do some action.

having this error now SQLite3::ConstraintException: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed

How to fix it?

I do not know if it is the right way to do it . I comment the if form.object.persisted? and add this in the edit
<%= form_with model: @tweet do |form| %>
<% if form.object.persisted? %>
<%= button_to "Delete", form.object, method: :delete, data: {confirm: "Are you sure?"}, class: "btn btn-outline-danger" %>
But now my button is not side by side.

I think it is because tweet_params in the video Cris explain that when we click edit tweet it is only in memory maybe is that.

Same here!

<% if Current.user.twitter_accounts.none? %>
<%= link_to "Connect your Twitter Account", "/auth/twitter",method: :post, class: "btn btn-primary" %>
<% end %>

I do not know Alex, because I am new at rails , but I think for now it is a good idea.

Cris answered in episode 27 just go there and fix the error in the class omniauth. Great work Cris.

Many thanks I have this doubt in episode 25 and now I know how to solve it, thanks.

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