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Posted in How do I search Action Text with Ransack?

I found this beautiful post from thoughtbot, about this. It @Mylan Connolly solution, going a bit further.

Instead of searching directly in the ActionText body field, which has HTML tags, it's better to convert that field to plain text, and perform the search in the converted field.

Posted in How to add logo image to mailer

Hi Chris,

Why is it necessary to set both action_controllerand action_mailer asset_host?

config.action_controller.asset_host = 'http://localhost:3000'
config.action_mailer.asset_host = config.action_controller.asset_host

Is it not possible to just set the config.action_mailer.asset_host = 'http://localhost:3000' to have the full url in the mail?
If we set the action_controller, all images_tag across the application, in normal views, will also use the the full usrl as src instead os just the relative path.

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