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Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 3 Discussion

Chris any plans to do a 4th part of this series to add background processing with ActiveJob for large uploads (or multiple uploads) specifically on Heroku?

Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 3 Discussion

Thanks for the clarification and insight!

Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 3 Discussion

Awesome as usual Chris.

How similar do you think this process would be to using Carrierwave Direct?

Posted in Solving FizzBuzz in Ruby Discussion

Love this episode Chris.

Would love to see more.

Posted in Subscriptions with Stripe Discussion

Ahh ok. That makes sense. Yeh...if you did that in the helper, you couldn't access it in the controller. Interesante!

Posted in Subscriptions with Stripe Discussion

Love this episode Chris...thanks!

One question, why did you put the `current_user_subscribed` method in the ApplicationController and not in say ApplicationHelper? That feels like something that the views will use, which is what the helpers are for, no?

Just curious to hear the logic.

Posted in Redirect To Current Page After Login | GoRails - GoRails

How do I achieve this redirect for any page and all links, rather than just on the 'Login' page? That's the major downside I see to this approach. I would have to setup a parameter for every link, right?

Posted in Activity Feed From Scratch Discussion I guess the solution just may be in the removal of the Node callback. Or just adding the `dependent: :destroy` on my Node model. Or maybe I just ignore it, given that it is just a like.

Posted in Activity Feed From Scratch Discussion

Ahh perfect. So that covers most use-cases. How do I handle virtual attributes, e.g. 'votes'. So I am using acts_as_votable, which creates a bunch of virtual attributes to indicate when a user has `liked` a `Node`. When that node is deleted, all of those virtual attributes are deleted, so I would like to delete all of those events too.

Do I have to do this manually in an `after_delete :callback` on my `Node` model or is there some other way?

Posted in Activity Feed From Scratch Discussion

How do we handle deletion dependencies here? E.g. say I setup an event to be trigged on a `comment` creation, or when I upload an image. But what happens when I delete that comment or I delete that image. Ideally, I would like to be able to delete the event that is related to that specific recently deleted comment or image.

What's the best way to do this?

Hey Chris,
What ever happened to that Rails from Scratch series? Not doing it again or is it postponed until a later date?

This is cool. Although, when you said 'notifications' I was expecting in-app notifications not an email notification. I was wondering how you were going to cover so much material in 1 episode, but now that I realize it was just a brief email notification, I understand.

I would modify the title and description to just focus on @Mentions and Autocomplete, with a sprinkle of notifications and links added in.

Otherwise, awesome stuff.

Posted in jQuery UJS Callbacks Discussion

I haven't even watched this yet, but I actually subscribed just to watch this. I love your free videos and I am glad that you have started offering a pro version so I can continue getting awesome videos.

Please continue doing more JS stuff, and keep up the good work. So much goodness in these videos so far!

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