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I've developing an app where posts are nested under locations and are also scoped by location. Through Search, I am able to locate these posts under the location/:id/posts, but not under the location/slug/posts route. I get an empty result. What am I missing? Also, is it possible to locate these posts without nesting the routes?


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I am trying to build a multi-location app from a client. I have tried dabbling with Apartment and other types of multitenancy but didn't receive a proper result.

The app should have domains for each location as follows:


I can't use subdomains, as they will be used for languages.


Each location will have a model showing content and search functionality for that location only.

e.g. When in newyork, boston posts won't be shown and when in boston, new york posts won't be shown.

However, a user has a single sign-on for all locations and languages, and a user can view all content posted within the app regardless of the location. If I use multitenancy, the user can only view New York posts when on /newyork and Boston posts when on /boston which is not the desired result.

What approach should I follow here? Does multitenancy even make sense?

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Hi Chris, Tried this. It worked! But now, it works in an individual capacity. If I have three sets of aggs, how do I filter across all three results? I can do this through the url, but not in the view. Thanks.

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Hey Chris... Alright, this did work, using the scope operator - Mailbox::Conversation, etc..Thanks for pushing me to prod further :)

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Tried that.. Sadly, didn't work. Got an unrecognized constant error. Is there any way that I could run migrations for public domain only when it comes to mailboxer?

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I'm trying to integrate mailboxer with apartment, and am having an issue with migrating the tables. I want the mailing service to be universally applied to the app, but apartment migrates the tables for each schema. This creates multiple mailboxes for each subdomain, which is not the desired effect. There are no models to exclude with mailboxer. Is there a workaround?



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Hi Chris,

Tried that one - didn't particularly work for me. Looking forward to the episode!


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I'm trying to build a form which contains categories and subcategories. The desired effect is to display the subcategories field or the relevant subcategories depending on the category that has been selected. I found some random options on the net, but nothing that works in the desired manner. How do I go about this?


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Yes - that's true! The documentation isn't detailed though. Looking forward to the episode! Cheers :)

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Great job on the Searchkick tutorial! However, I'm really interested in faceted search for an application I'm building, and the documentation on the internet is not really good enough. Any ideas? Thanks!

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