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Posted in Liking Posts | GoRails - GoRails

I came across an issue when I tried to "like" a post without signing in, I'm not sure if "authenticate_user!" in the likes_controller is invoked because of the AJAX response....

Posted in Liking Posts | GoRails - GoRails

yes. that's exactly what's missing. Thank you!

Posted in Liking Posts | GoRails - GoRails

Hi Chris - I'm trying to build out the likes_controller, but I got an error related to friendly_id. I've implemented friendly_id on the Post model, could you please shed some light on solving this issue?

NoMethodError in Posts::LikesController#create
undefined method `slug' for #<like:0x007ff7c4d231b0>

before action :set_post

def set_post
@post = Post.friendly.find(params[:id])

Hi Chris, could you please share the source code?

Posted in How to build a web scraper using Ruby...

Hello Chris - can you please teach us how to build a web scraper using Ruby to collect data from the web?

Posted in Upload Progress with Refile Javascript Discussion

Hello Chris, is there a good gem to build a progress bar? (for example, show % complete based on how many episodes you've watched)

Posted in File Uploads with Refile Discussion

would be nice to have that feature. are there are currently available gems that support multiple file uploads (ones you would recommend)?

Just out of curiosity, how do you decide which episode is a "pro" episode vs regular?

Posted in File Uploads with Refile Discussion

Can you use this gem to upload multiple files at the same time?

Posted in Suggestion: links open in a new tab

I know this may be a personal preference, but I've always found it more user-friendly (from a student's perspective) to have the links (i.e. your github code and forum) open in a new tab.

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