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Hey all! I was thinking a bit - I don't really use generators, and I suspect that might be because you can't just use map, filter etc. Of course you can use the [...gen] way, but that gets very memory heavy with a non-small amount of items.

But we could actually optimize this. It shouldn't be too difficult to write a Babel plugin that optimizes chains of array method calls on a spread generator by essentially replacing the chain with a transducer that exactly matches behavior (if that is possible). I mean, we could theoretically even optimize these chains on all arrays (although determining what an is an array is probably not possible beforehand). Since this doesn't touch any prototypes and doesn't change behavior it shouldn't cause any problems, and the syntax is still exactly the same as before and understandable to everybody.

Does anything like this exist (doesn't have to be this case, any "optimization" plugin would be interesting)? If not, would you be interested in trying a plugin like this?

Ideally something like this could even be proposed as a language addition if it turns out useful based on developer feedback and real-life benchmarks.

Posted in Do you guys enjoy VSCode for writing Java?

Hey I've been using IntelliJ ever since I started using Java and I wouldn't give it up for anything else, but I've been only using my student license to do so. My student license expired yesterday and it won't get renewed until college starts again(in September) so I would need something to replace IntelliJ for 3 months. Is the standard(free) version any good? Should I just switch to VSCode until September? What are your experiences? I develop mostly Spring applications.

In his 2011 book "Eloquent Ruby", Russ Olsen makes the states that

"nonclass singleton methods [he refers to instance methods] are as rare as class methods are common."

He makes the point that the most common usage of "instance methods" is the definition of static methods (because this is just adding an instance method to a Class object instance).

And then there is the usage of instance methods in RSpec and Mocha in stubs...

Is anyone using instance methods on a regular basis for anything else?

Posted in Help with using FFmpeg and Ruby Rails

Hey all. I'm new to Ruby / Rails and I am doing a project where I need to upload a video into a Rails web app which would take screen shots, process them put them back together as a Gif or another file format. Ideally, I'd like this to be a web app where users can upload videos, have them be processed with various effects and be available for download or simply to see.

I feel like this all can be done using FFmpeg via the various gems that use it. My ignorance of coding (I'm a super newbie) is that I don't believe I can deploy web app that uses FFmpeg. To my understanding, the user would need to have FFmpeg installed on their computer in order for my web app to function as it is required for the code to work. Does anyone have any advice or work around or words of wisdom??

Thanks in advance!

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