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Posted in Is Gorails's jumpstart worth the price?

ooking to build some apps and saw that Gorails offers
I played with the free version and wanted to see if anyone has:

Built with the Pro version

Compared it to another (if there is anything free or paid?)

Any other thoughts or feelings on it?

Posted in how do implement a rails popularity/trending algorithm!!

  • I'm making a web app and I want to sort through a model based on popularity/trendiness, kind of like reddit/hacker news. I want to determine the popularity based on the count of comments, likes, and impression divided by the creation date from the whatsapp web

I added some CSS to my site to put a font a wesome PDF icon in front of every hyperlink that links to a PDF. It looks great, but there are a lot of instances where there are thumbnails images that also link to a PDF and it looks dumb having the icon in front of the image. Is there something I can add to my CSS to exclude images that are hyperlinked, or CSS that I could add as a class to hyperlinked images to not have the icon?

Here is the CSS I used. The not(img) obviously didn't work.

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