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Would love to see more! Would love to see how you can add a tweet from a form in the react-native app that goes to the Rails App.


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I downloaded the source code and got that up and running. I will continue to follow along with the videos, not sure why mine did not work. Could be newer versions of gems and rails in the jumpstart template.



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When I go to /oauth/applications/new, Rails gives the following error:
NoMethodError in Doorkeeper::Applications#new and in the logs it says this is the issue:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `persisted?' for nil:NilClass):
12:33:56 web.1     |     1: <%= form_for application, url: doorkeeper_submit_path(application), html: {class: 'form-horizontal', role: 'form'} do |f| %>
12:33:56 web.1     |     2:   <% if application.errors.any? %>
12:33:56 web.1     |     3:     <div class="alert alert-danger" data-alert><p><%= t('doorkeeper.applications.form.error') %></p></div>
12:33:56 web.1     |     4:   <% end %>

On oauth/applications it throws a similar error`:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass):
12:36:29 web.1     |     14:   </tr>
12:36:29 web.1     |     15:   </thead>
12:36:29 web.1     |     16:   <tbody>
12:36:29 web.1     |     17:   <% @applications.each do |application| %>
12:36:29 web.1     |     18:     <tr id="application_<%= %>">
12:36:29 web.1     |     19:       <td><%= link_to, oauth_application_path(application) %></td>
12:36:29 web.1     |     20:       <td><%= application.redirect_uri %></td>

application and @applications are nil and I do notice there is an ApplicationsController with some devise code in it after downloading the jumpstart template.

Any advice on how to make the @applications and application work for Doorkeeper would help!


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