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Posted in Realtime Nested Comments: Part 3 Discussion

There's a bug in ActiveStorage. Wrap your call in url_for() to work around it.

# BUG: Uses when rendering via a model broadcast
# See
url_for(obj.avatar.variant(resize: "#{size}x#{size}!"))

Posted in Realtime Nested Comments: Part 2 Discussion

Hey Chris, thanks for the video! I'm just wondering about the design decision to have a stream subscription for each individual comment for the broadcast removal vs broadcasting to the "container" comments stream along with the id of the comment to remove.

Is there a reason for doing it this way? Wondering if this would scale to a page with 1000 comments for example. Would that require 1001 websocket connections?

Posted in Designing & Building the Noticed gem Discussion

Nice overview of the techniques. Thanks!

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