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Hi Chris,

I noticed that you have PayPal + Stripe on Go Rails, right? I am looking to also add just PayPal as we already have Stripe. Is it possible to request a quick episode on how to integrate just PayPal (single payment and subscription)? :) Thank you!

Posted in Which native app technology to pair with Rails

Hi Chris,
Is it still React Native? What do you think about Flutter for connecting to Rails web app?


What should I do if I want some channel work with current_user and some channels work with Unauthenticated user (just visitors)? How do I modify channels/application_cable/connection.rb or channels/some_channel.rb ?

Is it possible?

Thank you very much!

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Wow, I did not know they have such a good ones! Thank you for your answer!

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I like very much the design of GoRails! Great job!

Chris, did you use some template? What technologies did you use to get such a result?

Thank you!

Best regards, Anton