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Posted in Sending Alerts Based on Threshold

I am building an app wherein user can create an alert based on current value of average or sum of table column. For example if SUM of column A is < 100 a notification should be sent to receipients.
User can add query and condition dynamically. Is there any existing sample or gem that constantly checks for database value and sends notification for alert . I also what it to be snoozable so it wont spam notification if value does not move for a day or two

Hi thanks for the response. I dont need bidirectional communication thats why I thought of SSE

I have created a basketball stats tracker . Now I wanted to create a widget so that sports site can embed my boxscore widget to their site. My plan is add a job in my app that push the game boxscore json to a cloud server every 1 minute or while game tracking is on progress. I am thinking of using rethinkdb as my boxscores database. One of my requirements is to be able to update widget data without refreshing browser. Thats why I thought of using rethinkdb with rails server sent event. Am I on right path? Is there a tutorial or sample app using rethinkdb and SSE? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi how can i download the video? I thought I can also download video after i subscribe

Posted in How to implement e-wallet system in rails?

I will be working on a booking system where user can pay booking with wallet credits. User can load credits via paypal payment. Is there any existing gem or project doing this? Any pointers would be much appreciated.