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Seeking Ruby on Rails developers!

Madrid or remote **(but we need UE visa o similar)
Work in the hottest startup in Spain ;) using Ruby, Elixir, Phoenix...
What do you need?
Solid experience in software development preferably web and API development and experience building Ruby/Ruby on Rails (at least 2 years)
**This skill set would make you an ideal candidate:
You're a programming language polyglot and learn new languages and tools for fun and profit, but always choosing the right tool for the job (we like Ruby, Go, Scala, Erlang, …)
You know your way through Linux servers and app deployments
You are very familiar with relational databases and modelling (we use and love Postgres). You "respect" them at scale and cache everything
You've used non relational (NoSQL) databases or at least they are on your radar (we use Redis and DynamoDB)
You master git and the GitHub workflow,
More info? sure! just tell me at
Or check our offer at :

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