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I was able to make a separate Vue mobile PWA client on https://surge.sh/ that connected to my Rails API on Vultr. It's so much easier than React or Preact.

I need a web + mobile app on PostgreSQL that has offline functionality so I decided on making a PWA.

There seems to be only 2 frameworks for making PWAs: Angular and Vue.

So I decided to use Vue, but it seems its preferred stack is: Node + Express + Sequelize

So does it mean I have to abandon my Rails app and convert it into that Node stack? Or can I still save it with Vue + Rails combo?

Posted in Can a Rails app be converted into a Progressive Web App?

I'm going through this tutorial to add service workers to Rails. But it's incomplete. I hope Chris can make a better tutorial:


It uses Webpush and service-worker-rails


I was looking for a way to create a mobile client for my Rails App / API.

I came upon PWAs but I couldn't find any info on how to use it for Rails.

Is it possible?

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