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Posted in Rails 6 autocomplete with add new

Did you ever find a solution for this Alex? I'm very new to stimulus and I would love to know how to do autocomplete with it too :)

Posted in Acts_As_Tentant User have access to many tenants

@chris you already built this with jumpstart? Can i ask if you're storing the tenant in the session?

Posted in Acts_As_Tentant User have access to many tenants

Ok I've updated the issue. i think what i posted would work for a normal rails MVC app by storing the tenant in the session. However with a rails API only app it's a no go so Im a little stuck.

Posted in Acts_As_Tentant User have access to many tenants

Thanks Chris, based on what you're saying would we need to change the gem? My implementation for finding a tenant:

def find_current_tenant
if user_signed_in?
account = current_user.accounts.first
puts "current tenant: #{ActsAsTenant.current_tenant.inspect}"

So simply trying to return the first tenant created for that user. But then when im trying to access a record im getting a "NoMethodError (undefined method `last' for #Account:0x00007fffe9a93990):" error....

Posted in Acts_As_Tentant User have access to many tenants

I've just created this enhancement for acts_as_tenant and wondering if anyone else would find this useful - https://github.com/ErwinM/acts_as_tenant/issues/231

Currently acts_as_tenant expects a single object rather than being able to access all tenants/accounts for a user. If a user can have many accounts then they jump between accounts. Use case could be a business advisor with many clients and they need to process 'X' in different client accounts. Keen for thoughts on this...

Posted in Actiontext used for templates/placeholders

I've got a little business finance management app and I'd love my users to be able to create their own custom templates for quotes/invoices. The way all my competitors do it is through merge fields with DOCX templates which is fiddly for the user.

I just watched Chris' railsconf talk on action text and creating custom attachments and was wondering whether instead of attaching a record you could leave a placeholder where i could pass the record in via json and it renders in the template? I've only seen examples where an actual record is retrieved so wondering if this can be done? Alternatively would the better way be to use a normal wysiwyg editor and create a placeholder for the record attributes that gets populated? Keen for all the ideas!

Posted in PAGY with Rails API Only

Perfect, thanks for the response Chris. It'll be sinmple to write a ?page=X +1 type method as the page comes in the header of the response. I could also utlise the 'link' from the header.... I'll have a play :)

Posted in PAGY with Rails API Only

Hi All,

I've built a Rails API and have a separate Nuxt/Vue app for my front end. Looking to add server side pagination with Pagy and was wondering how i best to call the next 'X' number of results.

Pagy is working fine and giving me my first 20 records, but to call the next 20 I'm a little confused. Do i need to specify the URL from the front end as in 'localhost:3000/contacts?page=2' and send that, or can i pass some params like [:next] as mentioned in the docs. Has anyone had success with this or has an example?



Posted in Multi tenancy for one type of user

No worries at all, let me know if you have any questions with it :)

Posted in Multi tenancy for one type of user

I have just launched my multitenancy app using Milia Gem which is fantastic and uses primary keys rather than subdomains

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