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Great intro to Phlex. Now I need to work out if I like it more than ViewComponents, and if I want to switch :)

Ooooh, VERY interested in that one.

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Super old thread, but is the slack channel still a thing? I can't see a link in my profile page (paid member)

Thanks for the reply @leneborma

I should have been a little clearer in my explanation. The modal dialog, and all other bootstrap JS (eg tooltips, popovers etc), works well when browsing around the site normally, it's just when I return Javascript from the server after processing the form that appeared in the modal dialog that I get that error.

Step by step:

1) Browse to "New Order Page"
2) Fill in form
3) Click on "Add New Item" button, which opens a modal dialog (via data-behaviour tags) that retrieves a form from the server.
4) Submit the "Add New Item" form. This returns some javascript from the server (via AJAX) which puts a new row on the bottom of the order, and attempts to close the modal dialog. It's at this point that the $('#myModal').modal('hide'); causes an error.

So, I'm not sure why it works at the start, and then stops working when processing the Javascript from the server. The jQuery that adds the new row works, but the modal command fails. There's nothing in the Javascript from the server that reloads the jQuery, so I'm not sure if it's Turbolinks being weird, or if it's something altogether.


Hi there,

thanks for all of the webpack/rails 6 tutorials. They've been really helpful in upgrading a very old rails app to the latest and greatest.

I'm having one small error however. I have a couple of Bootstrap modal dialogs that get populated via an AJAX request. These POST data to the server, which responds with a JS file with


WIth the old asset_pipeline method this worked, but I'm now getting this error:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).modal is not a function

if I include a jQuery command in the file it's available, but any bootstrap function isn't. Any idea on how to expose all of the Bootstrap functions to the entire application?