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Hi Chris

Thanks for your advice.

As a beginner I'd like to make use of third-party services as much as possible.

Vimeo looks like a good option & I believe they have the neccessary privacy requirements with private mode...

"In Private Mode, your videos will not be publicly visible on Vimeo.com and you're not able to use Groups or Channels. However, you can still use Vimeo to host, organize and share your videos in the following ways:

  • Embed your videos on your website or other places around the web (You can even add domain-level privacy.)"

And it's pretty cost-effective compared to Wistia too.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how difficult do you think it will be to integrate video uploads and video playback via vimeo in a rails application?

They don't have any official libraries for rails, but they list two unofficial options in their documentation.



I suppose I could always out-source this part if need be.

Keep up the great work!


Posted in Why Wistia?

Hi guys!

I'm looking to build an app which will rely heavily on users uploading videos and then playing them within the app.

I know Chris uses Wistia but it's pretty pricey, expecially .25c per video. I've looked on google without much luck but does anyone know any cheaper alternatives?

(youtube isn't an option since the videos need to be kept private)

Appreciate your advice.



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haha so obvious! my bad thanks Chris!

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