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I am so exited with this episode !! thank you!

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Hi Chris

i tried to find out what's the problem,
and i made a code size much smaller to find out the problem.

i just make a code size to a basic size,
and this basic template also didn't work properly,

problem is occurred when start generate something.
i captured the code and terminal lines,

 code & errs :  https://imgur.com/a/no9qOav

( this kind of similar err is occurred when running "jump start :  template.rb" )

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Thanks for awesome video!
I want to try and follow this tutorial but i have an err when i make a new app.

generate  devise:views:bootstrapped 
=> err : Traceback (most recent call last):

i have an traceback err and i have no idea why this is happen?
someone please help me. 
( any hint is okay )

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