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Running into an issue with package upgrade with Webpack-cli from 3.3.12 to 4.1.0

This breaks my local environment for running the web-development-server command.

Lots of info here:

Seems to be some changes to the command name.. now: bin/webpack serve

Also running the new command creates this error:

ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Can't resolve './src' in '/Users/tdehnke/workspace/12vBiz'

ERROR in multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?http://localhost:8080 ./src
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './src' in '/Users/tdehnke/workspace/12vBiz'
@ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?http://localhost:8080 ./src main[1]```

Has anyone else run into this or found a solution?

Posted in Active Storage, AWS S3 and Cloudfront

I'm looking to add CloudFront for Uploads of new files only to help speed up uploads to S3. AWS docs say to use Amazon CloudFront's PUT/POST to do this for files under 1GB in size. I use CloudFLARE for my CDN etc on my app.

So I'm trying to figure out how I would configure CloudFront for uploads only, and set up my Rails app using Active storage for that.

Any thoughts on that?

Hi Chris, regarding Yarn. Do we have to use Yarn in Rails 6 or can we use NPM and the package.json file? Is there an advantage to using Yarn vs NPM? Thanks!

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