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Posted in Debugging Custom Webhooks in the Pay gem Discussion

I dig it.

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Nice work Collin, I dig it.

In this case, you'd only need the javascript dependency.

Posted in Stripe Subscriptions: Duplicate Customers

Minor bits and pieces can get out of date but to be honest, Stripe's documentation is really good and their engineering team is great about helping users fix issues like you've had. I don't think it's unreasonable for Chris to have separate Master Classes. I've been a GoRails subscriber for a while and I purchased the course and have used it on a few projects now.

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If you're like me and got yourself blocked from your site by testing Fail2Ban out just type in fail2ban-client unban <yourIP> or fail2ban-client unban --all.

Posted in Stripe Subscriptions: Duplicate Customers

I ran into this issue when going through the same course recently on Rails 5.2. local: true definitely fixed it. Thanks guys!