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Posted in Extending Rails flash

And another question - is there an easy way to access flash from lib?

Posted in Extending Rails flash

I have in app/lib/action_dispatch/flash/flash_hash.rb file this code:

class ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash
  def my_method

but when I call it in controller, I get undefined method 'my_method' for ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash:0x007fcf8e81e510:

def index

Why? Any ideas?


Posted in Running multiple Rails versions

Ok man, cool, thanks!

Posted in Running multiple Rails versions

ok, thanks.
But I have Rails 5.0.1 gem already installed. How can I install the newer gem version withou updating the old one?
Can I run multiple gem versions alongside each other?

Posted in Running multiple Rails versions

Hi guys (and ladies if any),

I have installed Rails with rbenv (recommended), but now because of significant changes between 5.0.1 and 5.1 versions, I want to start a new project with 5.1 (because I'm going to havily use javascript), but keep also my older projects running on 5.0.1.

And now what? Do I have to smehow uninstall Rails for rbenv and install it for rvm, or can I just "replace" it??

What about the setting of older projects when switching to rvm? Do the projects need to be updatesd somehow (configuration etc.)?


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