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Refactoring Your Code Tutorial Series

Refactoring Controller Methods
#39 ·

Learn how to refactor a complex controller with a bunch of methods into a much cleaner set of code

Using Ruby Service Objects To Refactor Your Rails Code
#50 · Pro

Learn how to refactor your Rails model callbacks into plain old ruby objects that help organize your code

Refactoring with the Null Object Pattern
#52 · Pro

Refactor and simplify your associations and views using Null Objects that let you remove conditionals and have more robust code

Refactoring Your jQuery Code with Objects in Coffeescript
#56 · Pro

A great way to clean up your jQuery spaghetti code is to by using objects in Coffeescript / Javascript

Code Review: Run Number Refactoring
#183 · Pro

We do a code review and refactoring of an implementation of incremental run numbers for an application