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12 How to Migrate from Heroku to

Episode 248 · June 7, 2018

See how to migrate your Ruby apps from Heroku to

Production Deployment



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Thanks, Chris!

I'd love to see more of these. I'm using Hatch and loving it, I just don't think I'm using it to it's full potential.

I think a series of setting up and configuring different features would be cool!

Nice! Really useful. Was using the same db from heroku and hitting the row limits .. So migrating the db solves this. 

Would love to see more of these - Best practices for background jobs, elastic search implementations etc. Thank you!!

Cool. Out of curiosity, when creating servers and apps, are the passwords stored in clear in the database? 
They're all encrypted. Not sure why you would store anything in plaintext like that.
Right, it wouldn't make sense :)  I was wondering mainly about automated deployments - i.e. how does the app know which passwords to use when doing things on servers if passwords are encrypted. But I was now reading about attr_encrypted and similar, would that be a good enough approach to encrypt sensitive information? Thanks!


Great tutorial, but I am missing something... What is the benefit of using Hatchbox over Heroku?

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