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Basic Authentication and RSS Feeds

#60 ยท June 17, 2015

Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm the creator of GoRails, and Jumpstart. I spend my time creating tutorials and tools to help Ruby on Rails developers build apps better and faster.

About This Episode

Learn how to add authentication to an RSS feed with Rails and Devise



# index.rss.builder

title       = "GoRails Screencasts"
author      = "Chris Oliver"
description = "GoRails is a series of screencasts and guides for all aspects of Ruby on Rails. Learn how to setup your machine, build a Rails application, and deploy it to a server."
keywords    = "rails, ruby on rails, screencasts, programming, refactoring, coding"
image       = asset_url("itunes.png")

xml.instruct! :xml, version: "1.0"
xml.rss version: "2.0", "xmlns:itunes" => "", "xmlns:media" => "" do do
    xml.title title episodes_url
    xml.description description
    xml.language 'en'
    xml.pubDate @episodes.first.created_at.to_s(:rfc822)
    xml.lastBuildDate @episodes.first.created_at.to_s(:rfc822)
    xml.itunes :author, author
    xml.itunes :keywords, keywords
    xml.itunes :explicit, 'clean'
    xml.itunes :image, :href => image
    xml.itunes :owner do
      xml.itunes :name, author
      xml.itunes :email, ''
    xml.itunes :block, 'no'
    xml.itunes :category, text: 'Technology' do
      xml.itunes :category, text: 'Software How-To'
    xml.itunes :category, text: 'Education' do
      xml.itunes :category, text: 'Training'

    @episodes.each do  |episode|
      xml.item do
        xml.summary episode.description
        xml.pubDate episode.created_at.to_s(:rfc822)
        xml.enclosure url: episode.download_url, length: episode.file_size, type: 'video/mp4' episode_url(episode)
        xml.guid({isPermaLink: "false"}, episode.slug)
        xml.itunes :author, author
        xml.itunes :subtitle, truncate(episode.description, length: 150)
        xml.itunes :summary, episode.description
        xml.itunes :explicit, 'no'
        xml.itunes :duration, episode.length


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