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Does anybody have any examples of using Ahoy::Events in Blazer?? It seems the two should marry nicely, but I'm struggling to find any examples.

Blazer + Ahoy::Visits is easy, all the data points are proper fields... but with Ahoy::Events each useful piece of data is within Json and so Blazer won't parse it... (do I need to change field to JsonB??)

I want to track playback and video performance analytics (easy to do in Ahoy) and then display some of it in Blazer. But I can't work out how to delve into the properties of an Event/Visit?? Any clues?

Example: I can search by an event like "User Pressed Play" but I want to know [event].video_id or [event].current_playback_time in Blazer... then I can do average time played, number of playbacks per user, etc.


It looks like https://github.com/ledermann/rails-settings/ might solve the 'easy defaults' element of this, but it appears there are issues with AA/Administrate... will keep investigating.

Any other suggestions?

To be clearer - predictable but not essential, and always inheriting from defaults.

I have a series of sites based off the same codebase that at present I load with a settings file in application.rb. My 'baseline-settings' file comes first then 'specific-site' comes next, overriding things like colours, logo locations, public urls for relevant third parties, etc.

[EDIT: I'm replacing this multi-deploy version of same codebase with one application with multi-tenancy/subdomain features and ...] I'd rather not create model column entries for every one of those subdomains. I've read about things like OpenStruct but I can't find relevant up to date Rails related material on that.

Ideally I'd like this data to be manipulatable in ActiveAdmin or Administrate (i generally lean towards the former) and don't really mind what format it takes, but it should inherit from some master collection of data, which could be set in a yaml file (in order to generate the fields??)

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