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Posted in Dynamic Single Table Inheritance with Rails Discussion

I think I will use this to rewrite my event driven system. STI + to be able to have access to the aggregate context is a must ! Thanks Chris !

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Stimulus JS Discussion

Great episode !
I use cocoon often in my invoicing apps projects to allow people to add items into a bill.
Next, I'll give stimulus way definetly a chance !

Posted in User Referral Program From Scratch Discussion

Just the thing I was needed for a current project, as usual, perfect timing Chris !

Posted in Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 8 Discussion

Hi Chris,

Since upgrade to rails 5.1.5, the Rails.ajax call doesnt work anymore. No errors in log, nothing in the console, .. After a regression to 5.1.4 everything is working well, so this behaviour is due to the last rails version but I dont find where (I read the rails-ujs commits but found nothing, ...) 

Does anybody have the same issue ?