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Posted in How to use Hotwire in Rails Discussion

Great video- much easier to follow than DHH's!

Posted in How to use Hotwire in Rails Discussion

Hotwire: the umbrella project for Turbo, StimulusJS, and Strada

Turbo: the sucessor to turbolinks, it provides frames and mechanisms updating them over ajax or websockets. The entire video is about Turbo's integration with rails via the turbo-rails gem.

SitmulusJS: a minimal javascript framework that's been around for a few years. It provides mechanisms to link javascript class instances to blocks of DOM, register event handlers, and keeps everything in sync via the MutationObserver API. It's a very good match for sites using Turbolinks/Turbo

Actioncable: Rails' built-in websocket implementation. Used behind the scenes by both StimulusReflex and Hotwire.

StimulusReflex: an independent project for doing HTML-over-the-wire in Rails that has been around for a few years and gained a lot of attention this year. Built with StimulusJS, ActionCable, and CableReady, it uses websockets for everything and uses fast DOM diffing to update the page. Not as tightly integrated with the standard Rails' scaffold patterns, it offers more flexibility for apps that break out of CRUD patterns.

CableReady: sister project to StimulusReflex, it provides a variety of tools for pushing updates to the client via websocket.