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Posted in How to redirect batch of urls from routes.rb

I have an issue here and struggling with it for hours.
For SEO purpose, I have to redirect (301) something like 200 urls for now, maybe more later, maybe less.
I want to have easy access to it. So I thought about having a dedicated file containing all url I need to redirect.
Something like

# config/seo_redirection_table.yml
- old_path: '/old/path/1'
   new_path: '/new_path_1'
   status: 301 
- old_path: '/old/path/2'
   new_path: '/new_path_2'
   status: 301 

And then in my routes.rb mapping this file at the very top.
Is it a good practice ? What do you think ? And how can I handle this logic in my routes.rb.