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hi, someone knows how to delete an uploader file with shrine when the associated model is deleted like purge_later from active_storage.

Good evening everyone,

Here's my problem:

I have 2 tables, suppliers and customers who are all companies.

how to model on rails that a supplier can be a customer and a customer can also be a supplier. ?

Thank you

Good morning all,
I am creating an application for managing customer and supplier proformas and customer and supplier invoices. I would like you to give me an idea of how to model the company entity which can be both customer and supplier. Please.
Thank you.

Good evening everyone,

I am trying to create a real estate ad site and I do not know how to display the image associated with a property in each property displayed in the index page.

I have a Property model that stores the basic infos of the property. As a property may have more than one image, so I create another property_photos table, so Model PropertyPhoto with a json type names attribute to store all the photos of a property. So there is an association between the models: A Property has_many: property_photos and a PropertyPhoto belongs_to: property. I can therefore display the photos on the show page but not on the index page. I use carrierwave for photo upload.

Thank you