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Posted in How to solve a status 308 with Action Mailbox?

It was because I was using http instead of https in my Sendgrid's url

Posted in How to solve a status 308 with Action Mailbox?

Hi !

I am trying to send email from my Gmail accounts to my Rails application using Action Mailbox.
To configure it, I've followed this tutorial https://gorails.com/episodes/action-mailbox-rails-6?autoplay=1 and configured Sendgrid using this article https://adamnaamani.com/how-to-route-emails-with-action-mailbox/

Before pushing it to production, I've pushed it to staging on Heroku.
When I look at my logs, I can see the POST request with a status 308. I don't understand how did I get a permanent redirect status, and so where can I find the URL it was redirected to.

Do you have any ideas of what should I do ?



Posted in How to use Action Mailbox in Rails 6 Discussion

Hey, I'm having the same problem. I followed the tutorial and added to my sidekiq.yml file the following :

  • mailers
  • default
  • action_mailbox_routing
  • action_mailbox_incineration
  • active_storage_analysis
  • active_storage_purge

But my InboundEmails are still processing. When I look at the logs, it seems that I never go to the process method. Do you have any ideas of what is happening ?